Core Retail Management & Development

We provided accounting & tax advice, project costing & analysis, feasibility reporting, tax planning, structuring and asset protection.

Chris, Michael and the entire Momenta team have been instrumental in ensuring my accounting needs are met and exceeded for each and every company and business I own. As a property developer it is essential that tax planning and strategy are successfully implemented for each individual project, no matter how large or small. In the competitive game of property development, with margins decreasing and property entry prices escalating, capital gains tax and the goods and services tax are the major elements that can make or break a project. Both fields are tricky to navigate and have major impacts on a developments bottom line profit and overall portfolio growth and cash flow and must be thorough before a contract is entered and managed throughout the development and re-sale process.

From company structures for the ownership, including complex trust structures through to GST application, and monthly reporting of business activity statements, I know Momenta have my accounting bases, both long term and short term, covered and exceeded. This allows me to concentrate on the delivery of the developments and get on with the job.

The team at Momenta have certainly been major partners in my success and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for the edge in their chosen field.