Grow your business, together

Our services are designed to help your business grow and prosper. We support you in better managing finances and developing strategies so you have more time to focus on developing your business. We take pride in delivering our expertise with the highest levels of service, treating each and every interaction with the respect our clients deserve.

  • Business Advisors & Consultancy

    Our advisors can equip you with the insights and tools your business needs to build momentum. This can include cash flow, budgeting, forecasting, making a profit, analysis and much more. Our business consultancy services analyse your performance, giving you the tools and insight you need to help your business succeed. We’ll crunch the numbers and have your financial strategy in place, so you can focus on business development and realising your financial ambitions.

  • Tax Compliance

    The tax obligations of a business can be as unique as the business itself. We have proven tax management solutions for individuals and businesses of all types, sizes and complexity. We manage tax for individuals, partnerships, companies, trusts (unit, discretionary and family) along with self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs). Income tax to capital gains, goods and services and fringe benefits, land tax and payroll tax, across Australia. Our expertise will get you in the best tax position.

  • Tax Planning & Minimisation

    Long-term success is built on strong foundations. Our experienced team can protect your wealth with a tailored solution to optimise your structure and protect your assets, to ensure you’re always on top with tax planning and minimisation. Preparation is at the core of everything we do and we’ll regularly review cashflow and plan for tax liabilities. This forward planning allows proactive strategies to be developed which legally minimise tax and give a real competitive advantage.

  • Business Structuring & Asset Protection

    Whether it’s shoring up foundations or building the next level, we’ll develop the right structure to ensure your assets are protected and business systems optimised. Getting it right from the start can help save significant tax obligations and maximise returns. Our detailed process examines the nuances of your business, identifies industry specific advantages and will find the perfect tailored solution to optimise your tax structure, investment or debt plans and overall protection of your wealth.

  • Succession Planning

    Future-proof your business with a solid succession plan. Our specialist guidance makes sure your systems, processes, people, and goals are all aligned to ensure ongoing success and future growth. Our team can ensure business structures, systems and intellectual property are kept in the business, even as roles evolve. We'll help you define leaders, mitigate risk and refine your decision-making process. Protect what you’ve built and set the platform for future generations.

  • Business Sales, Acquisitions & Valuations

    When buying, selling or valuing your business, getting the right price is everything. If you plan on purchasing an existing business or selling your own, our expertise can guide you through the process. We’ll help you navigate negotiation, avoid pitfalls and drive to the best outcome. With our experience and guidance, you can reap the rewards for your hard work and build your assets. Our advisors will empower you to make the right decisions, so you maintain and keep building momentum.

  • Property Investing

    Momenta Advisors carry a unique expertise in all aspects of property investing and development. We know the in-and-outs of tax and asset protection, along with the technical and commercial aspects of property development. Our experience will guide you to trade and invest in property with confidence, reaping the benefits of our collective experience. Use our tried and tested insights, so you approach each transaction with the knowledge to maximise returns.

  • Software Implementation Plans

    Accounting and business software tools can transform the way you do business, saving extensive time and money. Our team is well-versed in most accounting and business programs on the market, with a passion for learning about and testing innovative new tools. Whether its optimising existing software or examining new options, we know that access to insightful, real-time data is the key to smart, informed decision making and unlocking maximum value for your business.

What our clients say

Sedat Papagan

The reviews and budget setting was something that I had been saying that i was going to do for over six months and just didn't get around to. Definitely a huge value add to our business and genuine business advisors not just accountants looking at the past 12 months. Highly recommend their services.

Jamie Moore

Have been using momenta, supported by Paul, for several years. Have had them manage tax and accounts for my business and our personal tax. Work is always prompt and clear, and any questions about it are always responded too - no question is left ignored. Would certainly recommend to others.

Gregory Sheedy

The team at Momenta are amazing, They are professional, reliable and we trust in their experience. Their advice is continually a huge benefit to our company, allowing us to become more efficient and productive by assisting us with all our business requirements, in particular our use of Xero. We highly recommend the Momenta team they will not disappoint.

Johanna Mallinson

Chris has been our accountant from the commencement of our business in 2018. He has guided us every step of the way and has a true passion for helping business achieve its maximum potential. His approach is friendly, professional, hard and direct advice when needed and very approachable. Highly recommend Chris and his team.

Brett Abdy

I was referred to Chris and the team through a close friend that has been using Momenta Advisors for some time now. Chris is very helpful and available (almost) anytime of the day to take my questions and give me running advise. I really do like the meetings we have, they help give me direction in my newly formed business
I have no hesitation in referring them on

Dean Bowel

I have worked with Paul for almost two years now and I highly recommend him and the team. Paul is always available to answer questions, assist with documents and anything else I need. He has taken the time to understand my business and what I want to achieve and his advice and support is always valued and appreciated.

Debbie Thompson

I have been dealing with Momenta Advisors for 8 years, both personally and with our family business as well. The service that they provide is exceptional and I have no hesitation in recommending them. The team is always available to sort out any issues and no problem is too small.

Michael Petricevic

Absolute pleasure to deal with Michael and Chris they are like our in house Financial Controllers. Advice is succinct, timely and cost effective. I have worked with no better accounting firm in my 30 years of business as an accountant and CEO.