In advisors we trust….or do we?

Many entrepreneurs will agree that people are the key to success. Having people that you can trust and depend upon makes managing a business that much easier. Whether it be the people that work in your business, or the external stakeholders such as your suppliers and customers, you need the right people to support your business.

And this couldn’t be more true when it comes to choosing your advisor. However we often welcome new clients that have previously made the wrong choice, in fact it is the number one reason people make the switch to Momenta.

By way of example, we were recently contacted by a business owner who was seeking a new accountant for reasons that were all too familiar to us:

  • Their accountant was always late on getting their work done
  • They found it difficult to reach their accountant and when they did, it was often difficult to get a straight answer
  • There was no transparency on decisions that had been taken by the accountant to complete the financials and tax returns, so they had no idea what they were signing or how to improve their position
  • They were repeatedly being passed around from one person to the next without proper handover or explanation

According to the business owner, they felt that they were simply not big enough to be important to their accountant.

Not surprisingly, the business owner made the switch to Momenta – where all clients, no matter how big or small, are important. Because our clients are the people who support our business.

With that in mind our new client can rest assured that the issues they experienced with their previous accountant will not repeat. Further, upon closer inspection and analysis of the client’s business and financial position, we were able to restructure their business and simplify their reporting obligations to not only alleviate unnecessary administration but also reduce their accounting fees.

A great result for the client and just another reason why Momenta is their trusted advisor.

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