Under Service at Your Own Peril in 2015

Remember the feelings of frustration you felt when to watch a movie you had to drive to your local Video Ezy store, pick your VCR of choice, drive home and insert the tape only to find the person who hired it before you didn’t rewind the VCR!

If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about you’re probably lucky enough to be much younger than I am.

The point is in 2015 technology has affected the human psyche so much that speed is no longer a commodity; it’s just an expectation. The introduction of mobile phones and more so the invention of iPhones and android have meant everything is literally at the speed of a few touches with our fingers.

If you are running a business of any kind in this generation that involves servicing your customers or clients you are operating in a culture of SPEED OF INFORMATION. This follows through to servicing your clients and the professional services space is not immune to this. Gone are the days where you receive a list of missed calls from your receptionist and look to return those calls over the following week. The same can be said for sorting through your email inbox on a Friday afternoon to catch up on all the replies you need to get out that built up over the week. Our human psyche simply won’t tolerate that any longer. What might have been considered reasonable customer service 10 years ago has simply become outdated just like VCR’s.

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