Accounting and Advisory Introduction – Business, tax and accounting services

Accounting and Advisory Introduction

Top-line revenue growth and bottom-line performance are the ingredients to achieving your financial ambitions. Ensuring you have an accountant and business advisor with a vast amount of experience and expertise are essential to achieving that success. The services we provide aim to both deliver you more time to focus on your business’s development as well as support and contribute to your business’s lifecycle.

If you are not in business but aim to build and preserve personal and family wealth, as well as legally minimise your taxes, then our range of services will also provide you with piece of mind.

Whatever the requirement, we uphold all our service standards in each field and aim to deliver a cutting edge service experience as well as respect the relationship with our clients.

Business Advisory and Consultancy – Business advisory and consultancy services

Business Advisory and Consultancy

Our expertise with accounting programs and financial data analysis means we can act as a ‘Virtual CFO’ to your business. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Financial ratio analysis
  • Analysis of Key Performance Indicators
  • Cash flow budgeting and forecasting
  • Profitability analysis
  • Balance Sheet health check
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Seasonal and periodic analysis
  • Cost control
  • Credit control

It is always our recommendation to meet with us regularly. The analysis of data means we are not only reviewing historical data but proactively anticipating and creating future data. Only then can we discuss ways for you to grow your business and implement strategies to achieve that growth.

Tax Compliance – Tax compliance services

Tax Compliance

We provide a number of tax compliance services to each of the following entity structures:

  • Individual
  • Partnership
  • Company
  • Trust (Unit, Discretionary, Family, Hybrid)
  • Self-Managed Superannuation Fund

The areas of tax compliance we specialise in include:

  • Income tax
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Goods and Services Tax
  • Fringe Benefits Tax
  • State Taxes, including:
    • Duties
    • Land Tax
    • Payroll Tax
Tax Planning and Tax Minimisation – Tax planning and minimisation services

Tax Planning and Tax Minimisation

Tax Minimisation
The tax and economic environment is ever changing. Every year the federal government releases the budget and normally, with that, comes changes which will more than likely affect every business or individual in some way. For this reason it is important for us to meet with our clients in May or June of each financial year, prior to the close of the financial year, so that we can discuss ways of legally minimising your tax rather than just retrospectively calculating your tax. At Momenta, we are always across any changes to the tax and legal landscape to ensure we can provide the best advice to help minimise your tax.

Tax Planning
For the business owner it is also imperative to plan for your anticipated income tax. It is our philosophy that you should meet or provide us with your financial details regularly to help plan and budget for income tax payments at least 12 months in advance. In this economy, cash flow is the key to success. Therefore managing your tax liabilities into your cash flow forecasts is essential in maintaining a viable business. For those business owners on the cloud based options of accounting software, the process is as simple as liaising with us to view real time data. And we advise you on these forecasts through an efficient process.

Business Structuring, Succession Planning and Asset Protection

Business Structuring, Succession Planning and Asset Protection

One of the biggest decisions when opening or purchasing a new business will be at the very beginning when you decide what structure under which to operate. Getting this right can save you substantial tax and duties costs into the future, help quarantine your family wealth and give you piece of mind that your personal assets are somewhat protected.

At Momenta we will discuss your plans for the business, the nature of the industry you will operate within and your family structure to help tailor a solution which will include the most tax effective structure, provide a solid succession plan and protect your personal wealth.

For the individual client, asset protection is something that should also be considered. Ensuring you structure your investments and debt in the correct way can provide you some protection. Furthermore, we will look at how your investments and debt have been structured to ensure it will legally minimise your tax.

Accounting and Business Software Consultancy

We are efficient with most of the accounting and business programs on the market today. We can act as consultants for the CFO/Financial Controller of your business on how best to utilise the program.

There is a strong push from small to medium business to the browser and cloud based programs as they allow any number of people to access real time data from anywhere at any time. This becomes highly advantageous where Momenta Advisors are working closely with your CFO/Financial Controller to help provide financial advice with substance. Being able to dissect real time data will help us make better business decisions and ultimately benefit your business.

Business Sales, Business Acquisitions, Due Dilligence and Business Valuations

Business Sales, Business Acquisitions, Due Diligence and Business Valuations

Whether you are planning on buying an existing business or selling your own business, we can assist you in the process from start to end. Some of the key steps in that process is to conduct a business valuation (whether buying or selling) and also where purchasing a business to conduct a due diligence on the numbers and documents presented to you.

When purchasing a business, getting the right price is crucial. This is so your return on investment represents fairly all of the hard work you are putting in. Conversely, when selling a business, it is crucial to get your negotiation point accurate so that you can reap the benefits of building an asset over time and be adequately rewarded.

We have the experience and knowledge of both business and economic conditions to understand how a business should be valued based on the industry within which it operates and the peripheral circumstances around it.

Property Investing

Property Investing

Our Advisors have a unique blend of experience in not only the tax and asset protection aspects of property investing, but also the technical and commercial aspects of property development.

Investing and trading in property is both an exciting and daunting experience and we find largely tends to be an impulse decision. The reality is, just as though you would be diligent in purchasing a business, the same should be done for investing or trading in property.

We recommend any client consult with our Advisors to consider questions such as:

Should the property acquisition be split between myself and my partner for tax effectiveness?
At what point should I consider using a trust structure for asset protection and tax effectiveness?
Have I considered options for minimising land tax?
Are my loans structured efficiently? Should I consider using an Offset account and have I minimised my non-deductible debt and maximised my deductible debt?
Have I considered my investment time horizon to plan for Capital Gains Tax and ultimately maximise my return on investment?
Have I considered potential GST issues with property trading?

Ensuring you address these questions before you set out on your property journey will ensure you full maximise the dollar value that you retain when you liquidate your asset. Our Advisors will ensure you consider these factors proactively rather than reactively.